Let’s Ask About Beers…and Columbia Cares…and More Beers! Winterfest Beer Blast 2018

Tonight we have a guest, Tim Jones Executive Director of Columbia Cares. January 19th, Columbia Cares with host the 8th Winterfest Beer Blast. Breweries and distilleries from the region come together to support Columbia Cares in this “to capacity” attended event. Thank you Westbury House for hosting this event annually.

Columbia Cares, serves a 12 county region of southeast middle Tennessee. They offer services for community members with AIDS and HIV services. Social services, testing, education and prevention are the services provided.

Breweries to expect are:


Jacklope Brewing

Singing River Brewing

Ole Shed Brewing


Braxton Brewing Company

Wild Hare Beer Company

Best Brands Distributing-Wild Heaven and Mantra

Lipman Brothers-Rogue, Cigar City, Hap&Harrys-Ale, Einstok, Garr-Red Vanilla Porter

Purchase tickets at Asgard or online at Winterfest Beer Blast 2018

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A Few of Our Favorite Things…In Pop Culture

When things get heavy…just talk about your favorite things. Ross and Sarah talk about what they are reading, listening to and watching right now. We explore television, movies, podcasts, books and music.

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Hater Nation

Ross and Sarah talk about “HATERS”, their own personal ones and the culture in general. One thing is true…there will always be conflict, so therefore there will always be haters.

A Hater:  n. A negative or critical person

A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy.

1. You have haters because you improved.
2. You have haters because you surpassed people.
3. People passed on you so now they hate you.
4. You weren’t supposed to become anything.
5. You stepped away from the nonsense. Haters didn’t.

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Hot Reporter in the Hot Seat, Jay Powell

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Writer for Columbia Daily Herald, Jay grew up in Franklin, TN and studied journalism at Middle Tennessee State University. What led Powell to his decision to become a journalist started with his enthusiasm of Edgar Allen Poe, specifically the Tell Tale Heart.

“Since I’ve been in Columbia, I’ve watched it grow starting with the downtown square, which spread to things like the City of Columbia Arts District, events like Muletown MusicFest and any number of businesses that have popped up around Maury County, the latest being the 6th St. district with CITIES, the Building Block School for the Arts, Muletown Live! and more.” says Powell

You will be able to find Jay soon at Cities, #laughlocal stage November 25th as well as on the radio, Vintage Radio show through Building Blocks for the Arts.

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Do You Know a Good Lawyer? The “#Lattatude” of the Law

In Maury County, there are so many amazing attorneys, but we chose Kevin Latta to join us tonight and discuss popular legal topics: criminalization of marijuana, divorce, DUI, domestic violence.

Listen, of course, but know this wisdom from Kevin Latta:

“You have the right to remain silent, very few people exercise the ability.”

“Remain respectful and protect yourself during your arrest.”

Find Kevin at Phone, (931) 269-3600 · Address. 22 Public Sq; Columbia, Tennessee 38401 or on Facebook: Kevin Latta

Links of Interest:

#laughlocal at Cities

Columbia Mediation Center

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Time for Change

Center of Hope

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Marcus Malone, Guest, Friend, Keeper of the Circus

Owner of 822 South, Marcus Malone joined the Ask Me About team for an evening of discussion, and laughing. Marcus joined us in Columbia, TN three years ago when he and two partners to open Lucilles. We are now lucky to have more of Marcus’ vision at 822 South. After many delicious burgers, onions rings, and amazing talent, Marcus reopened last week for Muletown Music Fest with his first official remodel. Marcus and his wife are lovers and residents of Columbia, TN. Oh…and did I mention he is a songwriter with a #11 song on the country music charts…Long Time Coming by Collin Mills.

Coming up at 822 South:

10/13 Four Barrel Funeral Record Release. Joining them, The Legendary Jipsees and Sadistic Statistix. 

Additional links for 822 South Below:

Nashville Burlesque

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Damien Boggs Columbia’s Music Ambassador

Muletown Musicfest is coming to Columbia, Tennessee September 29th and 30th! Music ambassador for Columbia, Damien Boggs joined us on Ask Me About to discuss his journey to becoming a musician, journey to Columbia and he plays some of his upcoming singles. And, we can’t wait to share what Damien is in love with this week.

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Nerd and Needle…Mixing Science with Sewing

On today’s show, we have Elaine Jaynes, creative genius of Nerd and Needle. She’s had a successful online presence for sewing and creating a variety of nerdy accessories and took her gift to Comic Cons around the country. She is taking her talent for design and sewing and joining it with her love and education for the sciences. Check out Elaine in Nerd and Needle at the variety of sites below.

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