Grow Columbia, Our Hometown Show

Grow Columbia hosted a social last night at Southern Tre’ Steakhouse. Grow Columbia is a collaborative of local businesses to support local business. Downtown Columbia appeared to be alive and well with its most impressive and supportive professionals and community enthusiasts.

In our first Facebook Live episode, we talk about Columbia-what we have  been, where we are going and who is standing in our way. We also highlight many local businesses currently thriving and up and coming. That and so much more on this episode of Ask Me About.

Windmill Bakery

Shorn Barbers

City of Columbia Arts District

Battleground South Cigar Lounge

Columbia Arts Building

Muletown Collective

Hub 38401 

Sex and the Motherhood

Wife In Laws

On this re-inaugural podcast, we have a guest to introduce Wife In Laws.

Mandy Barry, married to co-host Sarah Barry’s husband, joins us to introduce Wife In Laws, a group of ladies from similar situations. We are women, mothers and friends. We want to strengthen the relationships between women. We want to help women raise their children in a healthy supportive environment. We want to raise awareness about co-parenting and how to survive this phase of your life.

In the United States the statistic is still 50% of all marriages will end in divorce per the American Psychological Association.   

There are 1,300 new step families a day.

Ultimately, we want to help each other. We want to provide support, reassurance and laughter.

Follow Wife and Laws on Facebook. We have an event planned for August 27th. No matter, where you are…we want you to come. Really!

Ask Me About

Sex and The Motherhood

Columbia Cares