Episode 12: Radiate Positivity-Report from “The Roo”…Bonnaroo! AND What’s a #sidehustle

Ross and Sarah reunite after an early summer break to talk about their latest adventures on Episode 12 of Ask Me About.

Ross took an inaugural trip to Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. He has given us an epic list of what to bring:

  1. socks
  2. boots
  3. shade on all 4 sides
  4. something to sleep on the ground with
  5. camel pack for water
  6. towels
  7. bug spray
  8. sunscreen
  9. bath mat: clean space to put your feet
  10. a blanket
  11. baby wipes

Also a great list of favorite foods:

  1. Noodle Bowl
  2. Pretzel bread with buffalo chicken

Best Shows

  1. Major Lazer
  2. The Weekend
  3. Blue Grass Super Jam
  4. Red Hot Chili Pepper
  5. Cage the Elephant

Ross has had several “side hustles” over the years and Sarah finally discovered hers. A side hustle is work you do that you love or have passion for outside of your everyday job to generate additional income.

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